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We host virtual
EarthCare Summits

What is EarthCare?

EarthCare is ethical ecological action emerging from a connection with Nature.

We design these Summits as a 4-phase journey:

1. Awareness: Finding Your Place + EarthCare Foundations

2. Connection: Embracing Kinship with Nature + Your Neighbors

3. Action: Learning Practical Tips, Tools + Techniques for Stewardship

4. Impact: Discovering Pathways + Professions for Ecological Impact

Why Bioregional?

EarthCare is a Place-based practice. Ecosystems vary greatly from one landscape to the next, and what works in one Place may not be the best for another.


We bring humans together who have expertise in specific skills in their local lands and communities, to connect and share ways to increase our ecological impact in those Bioregions, and therefore the Planet.

Why Co-Host With Us?

We've already been through the hardest part - setting it all up for the first time - and we're eager to see more summits happen, so we want to share it all with you in partnership. These are just a few of the ways we can offer support, while you bring your local connections together.

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The tech platforms we use are both simple and complex so why reinvent the wheel? Let us share what we've built.


Swipe Files

Ready to use, edit and share, these files only need to be adapted to your bioregion and speaker details.



Graphics, emails, social media posts, web pages, it's all ready to be customized to promote your bioregional summit.



We happen to know a few globally recognized folks in the field and we're happy to request them as speakers for you.



We have schedules, checklists, support teams and more, ready to roll out the service to make this event happen smoothly.



What to say to speakers, sponsors and summit registrants? We have it written out - it just needs your voice.

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Co-Host A Virtual EarthCare Summit with Us in Your Bioregion

Fill out this form to share your interest.

Thanks for connecting! We will be in touch after review.

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